Cover Fire Mod Apk 1.23.7 (Unlimited Money & Guns)

Cover Fire

Do you have the urge to play a game? Try out this cover fire mod apk! This shooting game is sure to become one of your favorites. As demand increases, new shooting games are being introduced every single day.

App NameCover Fire Mod APK
Current Version1.23.7
Updated On3 Days Ago
Offered ByViva Games Studios
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Currency/VIP 5
Requirement6.0 and up

However, this game still tops the board easily. With its great qualities and varied characters, it’s no wonder why it is one of the best games on the internet. Let’s have a look at the features now.


Coverfire Mod APK

Cover Fire Mod Apk Features

FPS Gameplay

90 FPS Gameplay

One of the best features of any shooting game is the FPS gameplay. The FPS aspect always makes the game more engaging and realistic. Just like league of stickman mod apk. The high-quality graphics only add to the experience. This feature makes you feel that you are seeing the game’s world through the protagonist’s eyes. You will also be able to move your character in a proper 3D space, and feel as if you are actually there.

Exciting Story

Exciting Story

Before downloading a game, the first thing to do is to check out the plot. What is the story like? Is it weird and hard to understand? Or is it exciting and interesting? Luckily, the cover fire apk mod has an exciting and engaging plot that you’re sure to love!

You’ll be exploring the future, which has taken a sharp turn towards the dark. An organization named Terracorp has enslaved humanity. Humans have no peace. The resistors need your help. Lead your soldiers to victory in the glorious battles against humanity’s evil oppressors!

Both Offline & Online Modes

Online & Offline Modes

Here we have another awesome feature of the cover fire mod apk. You can play it both offline and online. Do you have internet troubles? Out of data? It’s not a problem at all! You can play this wonderful game in offline mode easily. Of course, many gamers prefer to play it online whenever possible, due to the tournament feature. However, you can still enjoy some of the best qualities of the game offline.

Deadly Guns

Deadly Guns

In a shooting game, the most important things are, of course, guns. Guns are what make the game better or worse. Imagine having substandard guns in an otherwise good game. You’d never like it, would you? However, in the cover fire mod apk, we have a huge variety of deadly guns available. Just like worms zone mod apk. You can also upgrade your guns and their various features, such as the recoil speed. The controls are quite realistic as well.

Participate in Tournaments

Participate in Tournaments

To improve at anything, you test yourself against others. In this shooting game, tournaments are organized so you compete with many others. Just like www.apkfestival.com. The tournaments are held online, of course. You can enter various tournaments when you’ve become a veteran soldier. Compete with friends and strangers alike. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ve successfully fought your way to the top!

Simple Controls

Simple & Fast Controls

When starting a new game, one of the most irritating things can be learning the controls. Often, you’ll have to watch tutorial videos from Youtube to figure it out. However, with the cover fire mod apk, you’ll never have to worry about that. All the controls are very simple and quite accessible. You’ll learn very quickly with the various instructions and tutorials available when you start playing. You won’t have a single problem!


Now that we’ve covered the incredible features of this game, we’ll move on to the gameplay. When the game starts, you’re an inexperienced soldier. As you progress and beat more and more difficult tasks, you’ll be reclassified as a veteran soldier. Now that you’re a veteran, you’ll be able to enter tournaments to compete against others. However, if you want to play against your friends, have them download the same mod apk.

Gameplay of Cover FireYou’ll roleplay three separate and distinct characters. Each of them has different strengths and weaknesses. Due to this, each is incomparable to the others. You’ll face different scenarios, and you can switch between your three characters to complete them. Apart from your characters, you will also have to recruit a squad of soldiers, each with separate specialties, to help you. 

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your characters along with their weapons. To have all of the features included you must download the cover fire mod apk latest version, which can be found under the name cover fire mod apk 2022. 

Don’t accidentally download an old version; we don’t want you disappointed when you don’t find the exciting features we talked about. We’re sure that you’re going to love this game, with its thrilling plot and high-quality graphics.

Additional Information

  • It requires Android 4.1 and above.
  • The mod apk file size is under 300 Mb.
  • It is developed by Genera Games Developers.
  • There are no in-game ads.
  • It is safe and free to play. 

How To Download & Install?

You don’t have to go anywhere else to download the cover fire mod apk. We have added a secure download link to our website. It is because people don’t find it secure to download mod apk files but don’t worry we are here for you.

  • We guarantee a trusted download of the latest version of the Cover Fire Mod Apk. You can easily download the mod file from the given button.

  • For installing, you have to allow installation from unknown resources.

Allow installation from unknown resources

  • Following this, Click on install.

App Installing

  • After this, you will successfully install the game on your device.

App Installed

  • Now, You can enjoy the modded version of Cover Fire Apk. If you have any issues while downloading then please contact us through the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Cover fire mod apk is an online game. If your device has an internet connection, you can play the game either alone or with friends. However, make sure that your friends have downloaded the same mod apk version because different versions don’t do matchmaking. In short, YES, you can play it with friends.

In-game ads are annoying, especially when you face them in such thrilling games. You might think that as cover fire apk mod is an online game, it will have in-game ads. But you will be happy to know that there are no in-game ads. Thus, feel free to download the game and enjoy its thrilling gameplay.

Cover fire mod apk is safe to download only if you download it from a secure website. Also, you have to make sure that you are downloading the latest version of the game. If you pay attention to only these two points, you will never face privacy or security issues while playing cover fire mod apk 2022.

Bottom Line

Do you love playing shooting games? Do you want a game in which you have to shoot down your opponents with the deadliest guns? If YES is your answer, then you should try out the cover fire mod apk. This game is full of thrill and excitement with a lot of features. It is also one of the most downloaded shooting games all around the world. So don’t waste your time and download the latest version today. Happy Gaming!

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