Falcon Squad Mod Apk 88.4 (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Falcon Squad mod apk

Falcon Squad Mod Apk is a video game that presents the fight between the savior and the invaders. The battlefield in Falcon Squad Mod Apk is space where you fight with the alien attackers. You choose your air striker and start attacking the invader’s spaceship.

App NameForce Falcon Squad Mod Apk
Current Version88.4
Updated On 3 Days Ago
Size 110 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money & Gold
Requires Android4.4 and up

For better attacking technique, you need your ammunition to be at its fullest potential. In Falcon Squad Mod Apk, you can buy customized aircraft with earned coins. There are aircraft with atomic attacks, fireball attacks, and bullets.

Falcon Squad Mod Apk provides you with the opportunity of saving your galaxy and, ultimately, your planet earth! Using your attention span and playing willingly to dearest the enemies of our galaxy, all you need is concentration and quick moves because enemies are attacking your aircraft constantly.

Falcon Squad Gameplay 

In Falcon Squad Mod Apk, you battle up with the cosmic enemies. There are many space areas in the form of levels where you need to attack and swipe the enemies off. Just like ramboat mod apk. You use various powerful gadgets to assist your fight.

Falcon Squad Mod Apk makes you the center of the lethal battle by giving you a spaceship and a high aim of saving your galaxy.  Each level in the game requires a different kind of technique. With each passing level, the games become difficult.

In Falcon Squad Mod Apk, starting levels are way easier as enemies of our galaxy seem less powerful and less in number. With each passing level, you need to upgrade your spaceship to confront the space monsters.

Boss’s Lair

In Falcon Squad Mod Apk, you’re supposed to fight with the big mobster to pass the level. Boss has usually placed its warship at the ending point of the level. As you fight through the glacial passage successfully, you need to face the boss now that is more fierce. Just like dan the man mod apk.

The boss emits sister warships or deadly rings to lessen your revivals. Once you lost all three revivals, the game is over! So you must pay extra attention to deceive your foe’s attacks. But the good thing is you get wonderful rewards, including coins, gems, and grade up in kind of bullets.

At the boss’s lair, you can see a red slit. This slit is to be destroyed for the next level. After having a one-on-one fight with the boss, you fire in the red slit. And the critical thing is space is continuously moving below your warship, and you need to destroy the slit hurriedly. Otherwise, your spaceship will touch it and get vanished.

Coins and Gems on the Way

In Falcon Squad Mod Apk, you get unlimited coins and gems on the way to fighting with space invaders. Just like apkfestival.In the early stages of the game, as the enemy’s power is less, you not only catch coins but deceive their attacks cunningly.

Important Features of Falcon Squad Mod

  • The game belongs to the arcade genre.
  • It’s a single-player game where you own your warship and the battle.
  • The graphics of the game are simple yet attractive.
  • The warship can move only upward.
  • Various levels are ornamented with different ammunition.
  • Only three revivals are given at each level.
  • Red hearts present revivals at the upper corner of the screen.
  • The game contains ads placed by the developer.
  • In-app purchase mode, you can remove them successfully.
  • In the latest version of the game, bugs are fixed to improve your experience.
  • It can be played both online and offline.

How To Install And Download Falcon Squad Mod Apk

Falcon squad mod apk game allows you to forget all your worries, discover galaxies, and protect the earth from enemies that ultimately give you an experience of gaining and achieving. So, let’s jump to three simple steps to help you get the falcon squad mod apk free download. 

  • Firstly, download the falcon squad mod by simply clicking the link below and downloading a file specific to the falcon squad. Moreover, keep the apk on your computer as well as your android device. 
  • Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown sources (enable it to allow your device to download apps from other sources despite the google play store).

Allow installation from unknown resources

  • After downloading, you will need to find the apk file either in the browser location or file manager. You can install a separate file manager app for quick access.

App Installing

  • After identifying the falcon squad apk downloaded file, click and wait for the installation process. Make sure to click ‘Yes’ after reading respective pop-ups or prompts. 

App Installed

Lastly, get ready to win your battles by protecting our earth. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

No, in fact, you will be provided with added coins and gems to boost your gaming experience. Therefore, in mod apk falcon squad, you won’t be having to cross the ads every time and enjoy your game even more.

Summary Shot of Falcon Squad Mod Apk

Mod Apk is one of the best time-killing video games that entertain you and polish your concentration. It also gives you choices in various warships. So ultimately, you become skillful in choosing the right warship for the level. When you know that you have only three revivals.

You start playing carefully with smart techniques. Moreover, you try to get as many coins and gems as possible as they are helpful to get you an extra revival. Falcon Squad Mod Apk is the game worth playing. So don’t be late. Install it and start playing like a savior!


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