Nitro Nation Mod Apk 7.5.0 (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Nitro Nation Mod Apk

Car racing in real life could be risky, but what if you get a real racing experience in a video game? YES, we are talking about the nitro nation mod apk, one of the popular games in the racing category. It is a drag car racing game that offers you a lot of exciting cars.

App Name Nitro Nation Mod APK
Current Version7.5.0
Updated On3 days ago
Size969 MB
Offered byCreative Mobile Games
Mod FeaturesFree Repair
Requires Android5.0 and up

The addition of multiplayer battles and tournaments makes this game a favorite. Check out the features below to know why you should download this game.


Nitro Nation Mod APK

Nitro Nation Mod Apk Features

ALots Of Cars

ALots Of Cars



When there is a car racing game, it is absolute that it would contain a lot of cars. However, most offline car racing games usually offer you two or three cars. Just like rebel racing mod apk. Furthermore, you have to wait for a long time to unlock other cars. In the nitro nation mod apk latest version, you get lots of pre-unlocked cars. Thus, if you are a BMW lover or you want to drive a Mercedes-Benz, the game has all of these. 

Compete Against Others

Compete Against Others

We all have played racing games where you race against cars controlled by AI. Such games feel boring because you experience the same thing in every race. In the nitro nation apk, you will have to compete against others. This multiplayer game will match you against other players who will compete against you. Thus, you will enjoy a thrilling gaming experience to beat the other guy and win the race. 

Race As a Team 

Race As a Team 

Have you ever thought of racing as a team? We often see this feature in games such as cricket and football. But nowadays, game developers are coming up with new and exciting ideas. In this drag racing game, you can create your team to race with your opponents. Just like need for speed mod apk. Once you play the game and increase your level, you can create your racing team. Make sure to team up with skilled drivers to become victorious. 



The game is full of many beautiful cars, which is why it is one of the most popular games till now. But the feature that makes this game more interesting is the upgradable cars. All the racing cars available in the game are upgradable to become powerful and more efficient. In addition, you have the option to upgrade the car components so your car can perform better than before. Note that you do these upgrades completely for free. 

Free Car Repairing

Free Car Repairing

The feature makes the mod version of nitro nation way better than the original one. When racing with opponents, your car will get a reasonable amount of damage. It is just fine because the races are way thrilling and intense. The annoying thing about it is that you have to spend a lot of time and coins to repair your car for the next race. The nitro nation mod apk 2022 allows you to repair your cars without additional costs. 

Custom Modifications

Custom Modifications

If you own a personal car, you will know the joy of making custom modifications to it. However, modifying a car requires a lot of money that most don’t like. If you want to race with a modified car according to your preference, this game is what you should play.

It offers custom modifications for all cars so that you can create your dream car. Imagine you are racing in an upgraded dark black Mercedes-Benz. You can have all this and much more in the nitro nation mod apk. 


The nitro nation apk mod 2022 offers intense gameplay that you can enjoy in Asphalt racing games. The game gives you a warm welcome by providing many cars for you to drive. It is not like the original version, where you have to collect coins to unlock new cars and then upgrade them. Here, you will have a pre-unlocked collection of cars that you can directly take into the race. 

Gameplay of Nitro NationThe game doesn’t have bots, which means you will be competing against real players from around the world. It makes every race intense because you never know what skills your opponent racers have. The nitro nation mod offers the same controls you see in the original version. It has steering that you will control with your left-hand thumb. On the right side, there are buttons for acceleration and breaking. 

You can race on multiple tracks to make the game more exciting. And don’t worry about the damage your car will get during the race. You can easily repair it with unlimited gold and silver coins.

If you want to race in a car with custom modifications, the game lets you make your dream car for free. You can select everything from the car’s design and model to its color and performance. Everything is just insane, which we don’t think you can get in other car racing games. 

Additional Information

  • It works on Android 4.1 and above.
  • Creative Mobile Games develop it.
  • Make sure that you have around 1 Gb of free space on your device. 
  • It doesn’t include in-game ads. 
  • You get unlimited money and gold for instant upgrades. 

How To Download & Install? 

If you are a big fan of car racing, you might have fallen in love with the nitro nation mod apk till now. It offers exceptional features and intense racing gameplay, making it unique from other racing games. But you can’t feel its joy if you don’t play it. So, download the game from our website and start the installation process.

  • We guarantee a trusted download of the latest version of the Nitro Nation Mod Apk. You can easily download the mod file from the given button.

  • For installing, you have to allow installation from unknown resources.

Allow installation from unknown resources

  • Following this, Click on install.

App Installing

  • After this, you will successfully install the game on your device.

App Installed

  • After installation, click on the game and enter the world of extreme car racing. Contact us if you face any issues at any point. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

As Android users, we only trust the Google Play Store for downloading apps and games. It is indeed the best way to download something without malware. However, mod versions don't meet the criteria to become available on the Play Store. That's why you can download it from the link we added to our website. 

There is a misconception that mod apk files are not safe to download. It is correct to some extent because a lot of websites add spam links and malware to the download links. But you will not face any issues if you download the nitro nation apk from our website. 

The mod version of the nitro nation comes up with improved features. It makes you almost limitless because of the crazy features. When you get pre-unlocked cars, unlimited gold, and free repair, we don't think anyone would miss a chance to download this racing game. 

Bottom Line:

Games like Asphalt 9 and Nitro are hype because of their intense gameplay. However, these games have a lot of limitations, such as you have to collect gold for upgrades. Furthermore, you must use hacks for instant upgrades, which mostly block your game accounts.

To avoid all these issues, we are here with the nitro nation mod apk. You get a similar experience to the original game, but you don’t have any limits. So download the game today, and don’t forget to share your feedback to help others. Happy Gaming!

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