Solar Smash Mod Apk Latest 2022 (Unlimited Shopping & Money)

solar smash mod apk

Solar Smash Mod Apk is developed to satisfy human fantasies using simulation. The game’s main theme is based on the destruction of the solar system. It could be a planet, a biological satellite-like moon, or any secret plasma planet too.

In smash it apk, various destructive weapons are introduced to modify your experience. For example, the developer added an asteroid belt, heat beam, and ice beam n the solar 2 apk (latest version). You can also cut a planet into two halves using a purple beam. Isn’t it amazing, right? 

Solar Smash Mod Apk is played mostly by children because their minds are full of fantasies. They always wonder why the moon is moving with them. Just like fishing clash mod apk.

How do days change into the night? What are stars? And how a black hole can eat up huge planets! Solar smash its full version apk is an ultimate video game that can actualize your dreams of playing with planets!

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Key Features of Solar Smash Mod Apk:

A New Secret Planet

In the latest version of solar smash, its premium mod apk, the developer added a new hidden planter to make the game more interesting. Just like Dragon City Mod Apk. The secret planet is made up of plasma to give you pleasure and excitement while finding the secret planet with its mind-blowing destruction. 

Additionally, the ice beam and heat beam don’t create any long-term effect on the secret planet, so you have to use a purple beam from the weapon row to destroy it. With the constant attack of the purple beam, you can visibly cut the plasma planet into two halves. Simply wow!

Asteroid Belt

Another interesting feature of the latest version of Solar Smash Mod Apk is the Asteroid Belt. To destroy a planet, you are supposed to make the targeted planet walks through the belt. As the planet walks through it slowly, the rocks in the belt crush the planet. 

You can also apply this technique of destruction to the earth’s natural satellite that is the moon. Hit the moon with a missile, and it will drop off to the asteroid belt. The rocks will crush it like a grinder.

UFO and Alien Missile

Besiderocket missile, destructive laser beams, and the asteroid belt of tiny rocks UFO and Alien ship missile are listed at the top of given weapons. You can hit the targeted planet with UFOs like raindrops.

On the other hand, if we talk about alien ship missiles. It can destroy a planet in a single attack. Yes! A single attack creates a ballistic effect on the planet. 

Black Hole

In Solar Smash Mod Apk, the phenomenon of eating a planet by a Black Hole is represented greatly. As soon as you touch the black hole icon from the weapon list, it starts gulping up the planet with the full force of gravity. And in a few seconds, the whole planet disappeared in blackness and with sheer, inward gravitational force!

Outstanding Features

  • It’s a simulated video game.
  • With 10M plus downloads, it’s a favorite among children.
  • The game contains three-D graphics.
  • The credit for Visual images of solar planets goes to NASA’S Scientific Visualization Studio.
  • A wide choice of weapons is presented in the game.
  • Mass destruction gas is also introduced as a lethal weapon.
  • Graphics are designed while keeping Scientific facts in mind. 
  • When you attack the center of Uranus, its rings also disappear automatically as rings are created due to the gravitational force of Uranus.
  • It’s a single-player game and can be played offline.
  • Ads are placed by the developer, which can be removed if using app purchase mode.
  • In free mode, a minimal amount of ads are placed that facilitate the gamer.

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Three Simple Steps To Download Game Solar Smash Mod Apk:

Solar Smash mod apk game allows you to lost in the world of planet mysteries. So, let’s jump to three simple steps to help you get the solar smash mod apk free download. 

  • Firstly, download the solar smash mod apk by clicking the link below and downloading the apk file specific to the solar smash. Moreover, keep the apk on your computer as well as your android device. 
  • While moving apk on your android device, make sure to grant permission for third-party apps. It would help if you go to; 
  • Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown sources (enable it to allow your device to download apps from other sources despite the google play store)
  •  If your device has an Android 8.0 Oreo version, allow the file manager or browser to download apps. 
  • After downloading, you will need to find the apk file either in the browser location or file manager. You can install a separate file manager app for quick access.
  •  After identifying the solar smash apk downloaded file, click and wait for the installation process. Make sure to click ‘Yes’ after reading respective pop-ups or prompts. 

Lastly, get ready to enjoy smashing big planets and double the treat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To have a safe and secure playing experience, you should opt for the method described above.

No, mod apk versions of games don't impact or harm your device. Rather, they only require specific space for downloading.

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Summary shot of Solar Smash Mod Apk:

It is free for Android users. It would be best if you had a good internet connection along with a balanced percentage of battery. Moreover, the game requires only 74MB of space. That means no more extra burden on your cell space.

This is a fantasy realization video game as it gives you the power to play with heavenly planets. Imagine destroying giant planets like Jupiter and Mars or drilling a two-way hole in the earth with a laser beam. Simply satisfying, right? So don’t get late. Let’s install the game and start the show of your might!

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