Space Racing 3D Mod Apk Latest 2022 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Space Racing 3d mod apk

3D racing games are damn fun to play. But what when you can have a 3D racing experience in space? Here we have the space racing 3D mod apk for space racing lovers. It is commonly known as the star-space racing game with plenty of exciting features.

App NameSpace Racing 3D Mod Apk
Current Version 4
Updated On 3 Days Ago
Size44 MB
Offered By NT Play Sport
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
Requires Android
4.4 and up

From upgrading your spaceship to attacking and defending, you can enjoy unlimited options while playing the game. There are many amazing features of this game. We have discussed them in detail. You can read the top features of this mod version. 

Space Racing 3D Mod Apk Features

Multiple Race Tracks

Multiple Race Tracks

When you read the word space, you might think as if you have to race in space. That’s exactly the case, but it doesn’t mean that you have the same racing track every time. Star-racing 3D games understand the technique of keeping their gamers happy. Just like injustice mod apk. It is why this mod apk version comes with over forty race tracks. You can race with your opponents on any of these tracks and change the track whenever you want. 

Three Racing Modes

Three Racing Modes

A 3D game with three racing modes, what a perfectly balanced game! The game allows you three different racing modes to grow your gaming profile. Just like www.apkfestival.com. You can try all three modes and check which one of these attracts you the most. These three modes are Career Mode, Chase Mode, and Survival Mode. Each mode offers a unique gaming experience. Try them out and experience which mode you would like to play. 

Realistic 3D Graphics

Realistic 3D Graphics

A game can’t attract gamers if it doesn’t have good quality graphics. Having a lot of exceptional features but low-quality graphics will ruin the game. Just like stick battle fight mod apk. However, the space racing 3D mod apk will never disappoint you in terms of its graphics.

The name says that it is a 3D star-racing game, which means it will have everything in 3D quality. The game developers understand the addictive power of adding 3D graphics to a game. 

Multiple Aircrafts

Multiple Aircrafts

Racing on multiple tracks is itself an exciting feature. But what about having multiple aircraft too? In this space racing game, you can use any of the six aircraft to beat your opponents. Each aircraft has a unique look and performance.

In this mod version, you have all six aircraft unlocked by default. Thus, you can always switch your aircraft depending on the aircraft of your opponent. It will increase your winning chances in every race. 

Attack and Defend

Attack and Defend

Can you remember a racing game in which you attack opponents, and they attack you? It is legal on our planet, but in space, there are no rules. During the race, you can shoot missiles to attack your opponents and destroy their aircraft. But what if they attack you back? You have the shield feature that you can use to protect yourself. However, you have to watch out for those attacks and use these features in time. 

Login Bonus

Login Bonus

Most game developers add this feature for maintaining the number of gamers playing the game daily. When you get a login bonus by logging in to your account, you always try to open the game at least once. The game offers exciting bonuses, resulting in some decorative items. These items are for customizing your aircraft and also to upgrade its performance. You will never want to miss these prizes, will you? 


After going through the features, most of you might be eager to see the gameplay. We will attach a video where you can watch the gameplay. We bet the space racing game will meet all your expectations if you love playing such games.

When you enter the game, it will welcome you with beautiful 3D graphics. These graphics are one of the features of why this racing game has become so popular. The space racing 3D mod apk comes up with easy controls. You sit in an aircraft, and you have to beat your opponents in an aircraft race. There are two options for you to control the movement.

Gameplay of Space Racing 3D

The easiest option is the tilt screen mode. But if you have shaky hands, you can set the controls to tap. You can keep this setting the way you feel comfortable. Just like Sky Fighters 3D Mod Apk. Next, there are firing buttons that allow you to shoot missiles. If you have aimed your opponent, tap this button to get rid of that aircraft. 

If you see someone attack you, tap the shield button to protect your aircraft. Should you do this action on time, or will you lose the game? Only the top three finishers are considered winners. If you want to win cash, you should finish the race in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. This cash is very crucial because you can use it for multiple upgrades. And remember, the more you upgrade your aircraft, the more you’ll improve your in-game performance. 

Additional Information

  • It requires only Android 2.3.2 and above.
  • 3Dgames developed it.
  • The file size is only between 15 Mb to 20 Mb. 
  • It is free to download and play.
  • It doesn’t include in-game ads. 

How To Download & Install?

For downloading the space racing 3D mod apk, you don’t need to search for reliable download links. Most of you might have heard that you should not download apk files. However, you have to believe that the mod versions are way better than the original games. 

  • We are here with a secure download link to this star-space racing game. Download the file from the download button. 
  • Open the file and start the installation process. Allow installation from unknown resources, or otherwise, your phone will not install the game.

Allow installation from unknown resources

  • Following this, Click on install.

App Installing

  • After this, you will successfully install the game on your device.

App Installed

  • Now, You can now enjoy the game without any issues. Facing an error while downloading? Comment down below so we can help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When you play the game and finish in the top three, you earn cash. If you show this performance consistently, you will earn more cash. Use this cash to upgrade your aircraft. However, in this mod version, you get unlimited money for instant upgrades. 

No, there is no need to unlock those tracks. When you download this mod version of speed racing 3D, you will have everything unlocked. Additionally, you will have all the six aircraft that you can use to beat your opponents. Everything is straightforward.

No, it doesn’t include irritating in-game ads, which allows you to focus on beating your opponents. The file size is also under 20 Mb, so you can download it pretty quickly and dive into the world of space racing. 

Bottom Line

Street Racing 3D is what we all would have played in our life. But have you ever thought of racing in space? YES, we have got this exciting racing game for those who want a thrill during the game. In this, you not only race, but you attack and defend. If your aircraft is slow, you can throw a missile on your opponent to get a cheeky win. The game has a lot more for its gamers. So figure it out yourself by downloading it today. Happy Gaming! 

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