Township Mod Apk Latest 9.4.0 (Unlimited Money & Cheats)

Township Mod Apk

Dive into the world of casual gaming with the township mod apk. If you are good at building and farming games, you can fulfill your gaming desire with this game. Here, you are the head of your farmers.

App NameTownship Mod APK
Current Version9.4.0
Updated On3 days ago
Offered ByTownship
Mode FeaturesUnlimited Money and Cash
Requires Android4.4 and up

You have to grow crops on your farm and sell them to earn a profit. The more you farm, the more you earn coins. You can consider it a must-have mobile game for casual gamers. 

Township Mod Apk

Township Mod Apk Features

Construct Attractive Buildings 

Construct Attractive Buildings

In the Township, you are the chief of a small village. Everything that happens in the town is in front of your eyes. The game lets you construct attractive buildings to grow your town. Apart from farming, you can build parks, bus stations, residential houses, and much more. Just like minion rush mod apk. With every update, the game comes up with new features, so make sure to keep up with the latest version to keep enjoying. 

Farming and Animal Breeding 

Farming and Animal Breeding

Apart from constructing attractive buildings, you can enjoy your time in farming and animal breeding. You grow crops on your farms and sell them later to earn coins and raise your village. Just like wildscapes mod apk.

But what makes Township unique is that you can build a zoo. Yes, you can keep animals in the zoo to enjoy your time with animals and their breeding. In short, it gives a perfect experience of village life. 

Take Orders and Deliver 

Take Orders and Deliver 

The township mod apk gives a real-life experience of a productive life. You spend your time growing crops and constructing buildings in your small village. The people living in your town pay you for buying your products.

They place an order, and you have to check the quantity demanded. After you have packed everything they ordered, you need to deliver it to their residential address. Isn’t it exciting? 


Play With Your Friends 

Play With Your Friends 

Here is when things start becoming more attractive. Once you download the game for free, you can connect it to your Facebook account to enjoy playing with your friends. The developers understand that gamers get bored if they have the same experience again and again. However, you have to remember that you can’t use township game cheats while you have connected your social account with it. 

Purchase Flags and Decorations 

Purchase Flags and Decorations

Making your village attractive will help you attract more tourists. It is what you have to do in the game. By using its exciting feature of purchasing flags and decorations from the store, you can decorate your village according to your choice. You have to pay for making any purchase. However, this can be worth it because it will attract more tourists, resulting in more money (more coins in the game). 

Engage Yourself in Mining 

Engage Yourself in Mining 

Apart from farming and building, you can engage yourself in mining activities. This feature of the game makes it even more interesting. You have mines from which you can dig out gold or ancient pieces of objects. You can use these objects for decorating your village. Additionally, mining will also help you keep progressing in your village. If you want to make things go faster, you can use township game cheats for unlimited resources. 


These were the features that every player of the township mod apk can enjoy. Note that it is free to download for ios or android. Also, you can play it on your pc once you install Bluestacks or other software on it. The game offers addictive gameplay that will win your heart if you are a casual gamer. You are the chief of your village, and everything happening in the village is under your control. 

Gameplay of TownshipThe critical thing to focus on has a solid yet beautiful village. Focus and patience is the key to success. You can spend time in activities such as farming, building, and mining. Apart from growing crops, you can enjoy animal breeding by using the zoo-making feature. It is a fun fact because almost every casual gamer loves pets. Once you make your village attractive, you will hook more tourists, resulting in more progress. 

To enjoy the taste of this game with your friends, you need to connect the game with your Facebook account. It is pretty similar to what we see in other online casual games. In this way, you can enjoy competing against your friends.

The game gives a true experience of village life. Imagine yourself as a chief of a village who keeps his village productive through his labor. Install it today to experience gameplay that you might not have experienced before.

township 8

Additional Information

  • It requires at least Android 4.0.3 and above. 
  • The game will need around 100 Mb to 150 Mb of space.
  • Playrix Games developed it. 
  • It is free to download and install (except for additional purchasing). 
  • It includes google ads unless you download its hacked version.

How To Download & Install?

Are you impressed after reading about Township? If YES, it is time for you to download and start playing today. But do you know how to download the township mod apk? Ah! Don’t worry at all because we have got your back.

  • We guarantee a trusted download of the latest version of the Township Mod Apk. Click on the download link to download the apk file. 
  • For installing, you have to allow installation from unknown resources.

Allow installation from unknown resources

  • Following this, Click on install.

App Installing

  • After this, you will successfully install the game on your device.

App Installed

  • Now, You can enjoy the modded version of Township APK. If you have any issues while downloading then please contact us through the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

For getting free gold, you have to mine it. It takes a lot of time, but you can progress in the game without using cheats. But if you want instant upgrades, you can use township cheats that you can install from the internet. 

Of course, you can. It is the beauty of this game that you can play against your friends. Link your social (Facebook) account to the game, and that’s all. It will not only help you play with friends but also will safeguard the progress you make. 

Like other online casual games, it also requires an internet connection. It is the only way if you want to make online requests for competition. Also, you can play it offline if you want to. Here, you will not have the option of competing against other online players. 

Bottom Line:

Are you fed up with playing old and boring casual games? If YES, then you might not have tried the township mod apk. It gives its users an exciting and never-ending gaming experience that they can’t get anywhere else. The game comes up with exciting features that will make you enjoy your time without feeling bored. So download it today and do share your experience with us. Happy Gaming!

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